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This and That…

I’d been planning on posting on Thursday or something and uh, somehow didn’t?  I think I started too many projects and couldn’t finish a single one to post about… 1. I want to work on what the blog looks like.

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Cabinet Cover – a tutorial

I have this cabinet with drawers in it in my office/studio.  It is filled with Very Important Papers and Very Dangerous Items and basically just Stuff-I-Don’t-Want-Valérie-to-Touch.  And of course, she loves to open up the drawers and get everything out.

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A Photo Shoot

I had planned on doing a photo shoot featuring my cute sweater back when I posted about it but didn’t get a chance.  My model, i.e. Emmanuelle, wasn’t “available”.  I meant to try again yesterday but the weather wan’t cooperative.  Emmanuelle’s

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Christmas is coming…

I’ve been working so hard all week because I wanted to post a tutorial.  I had this plan for a cabinet cover that would hopefully babyproof the cabinet.  And you know what?  I would have been able to finish it

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A Cute Sweater

Back when we were still living in Montreal, I was in this fabulous program at CTCM.  Métier d’arts, construction textile.  I’ve always had a hard time translating that one.  Even my translator daddy hasn’t figured it out.  Métier d’art is

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Big Day

My first mousling, Emmanuelle, started school today.  I’ve been excited and nervous.  Excited because I’ve always loved school.  Nervous because I had no clue what I was doing.  I was supposed to get a letter telling me which class we

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Here we go!

This is so nerve-wracking…  I’m not used to putting myself out there!  The worst of it is, since this is my first post, I’ve got nothing to show.  Please stay tuned…

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