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Halloween Costumes

I know, right? I’m either a little late or way early… I never got to take good photos of the girls in their Halloween costumes and I really wanted some.  Especially of souricette 2 in her Queen of hearts costume

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The Neighborhood

Ha, I have Arcade Fire playing in my head now…  Anyhow. Last week, I posted photos of the two souriceaux (should say souricettes, seeing as they’re girls) taken on October 27 and November 11.  This week, I’m posting the scenery

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Photos of Mouselings

I’ve been going through the photos I took on two separate occasions (October 27 and November 11).  I was going to post once for each date.  Now, I’m thinking I’ll divide by subject.  On both dates, I took pictures of

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And we’re back!

I’m so sorry for being MIA these last few what? 10 days? Oh, no! Two weeks!  We got hit by Sandy and lost power.  The house is fine and we had no flooding.  We’re up high enough that I always

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