Busy Busy Bee…

Ha, so I had a whole draft of a post written up on Wednesday but I desperately wanted to have some sort of photo to show. Thought I’d get the ones I got on my iPhone last Sunday.  And I never got to it Wednesday.  And then I didn’t get to it last night.  But I did get photos of something else.  Photos that I haven’t uploaded yet… Needless to say, no editing this time…

Just goes to show how crazy busy I’ve been… The main event this weekend is souricette 1’s birthday party on Sunday.  20 + kids in the house.  I must be crazy.  But it’s under control.  I have popcorn, fruit, a couple activities, and an entertainer who is bringing cupcakes.  All that’s left is to bake and decorate a cake.  The Red Devil Cake with cream cheese frosting from the Moosewood book of desserts that my lovely sister (aunty mouse?) gave me for my birthday.  Bake the cake tomorrow, decorate the house Sunday morning, and done.

That wouldn’t be so much but we’re having friends over tomorrow night too so we have to cook dinner.  Yeah, I ordered the groceries online to help out.  And we have to put up the outside Christmas decorations, buy a tree, and decorate that (we’re decorating it after the birthday party).  Hmmm, I should go find our Christmas music…  And today was the children’s Christmas party at Mr. Mouse’s bank.  Not relaxing and it means I couldn’t get anything done all day.  Especially since I came home with a migraine-ish headache…  (I feel much better now, thank you.  The souricettes were kind enough to take good long naps while I rested.)

So how’s my Christmas crafting coming along, you ask?  Actually pretty well! I’ve finished the tutu, the fairy doll, the bag, and the pj pants.  That toy blankie is kicking my butt though.  I tried to crochet the motifs together but it didn’t look right.  So I started sewing them up and I had to rip out my seam three times! I think I’ve got it now…

Even if it isn't edited, I have to show off my bag.  Oliver + S pattern and it's awesome. Well written and beautiful results. Totally makes me feel talented!

Even if it isn’t edited, I have to show off my bag. Oliver + S pattern and it’s awesome. Well written and beautiful results. Totally makes me feel talented!

Fairy doll

Fairy doll. I didn’t get to edit the photo but still, I finally managed to get a decent white background. Still need to work on lighting…

With all the craziness at this time of year, I’ve had to tell myself to settle down and enjoy the moments.  I didn’t even want to think about Christmas until after the birthday party but that’s not leaving myself much time before we leave.  One weekend to be exact.  So I decided to forget about the party and enjoy the Christmassy moments.  Like last Sunday.  I went to a gingerbread house activity with souricette 1! It was fun!

Gingerbread House!

Gingerbread House!

And now, I must get back to the craziness.  Since I have nothing to do next week (yeah, right), I wanted to get some materials to get the girls to make the wrapping paper this year.  I need brown paper and maybe paint.  And I have another project in mind if I really need more to do…

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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