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Mont St-Michel

When we went to France and Belgium last Summer, I tried to take a special photo and more or less failed to get it right.  I reworked it in Gimp and now I love it.  I tried to find more

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Queen of Hearts Part 3 (Crown and Scepter)

These are the last two elements of Valérie’s Halloween costume.  A queen isn’t a queen without a crown and scepter, right? Materials 1 9″ x 12″ piece of yellow felt 1 9″ x 12″ piece of red felt craft glue

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Queen of Hearts Part 2 (Tabard)

I never wanted Valérie’s queen of hearts costume to get complicated and expensive so I didn’t want to make a dress.  The first part was a tutu to be worn over a black bodysuit.  This next part is a tabard.

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Back to the Grind…

We got back from a weekend in Boston Sunday night.  Late.  The return was a little difficult because of some car issues (all solved now!) and that spread all the way into yesterday when Mr. Mouse had to be gone

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Queen of Hearts Costume Part 1 (Tutu)

The first item I made for Valérie’s queen of hearts costume is a tutu. There are plenty of tutu tutorials out there but they’re mostly no sew tutus.  I think those can be great but I wanted a tutu like

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This and That…

I’d been planning on posting on Thursday or something and uh, somehow didn’t?  I think I started too many projects and couldn’t finish a single one to post about… 1. I want to work on what the blog looks like.

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Cabinet Cover – a tutorial

I have this cabinet with drawers in it in my office/studio.  It is filled with Very Important Papers and Very Dangerous Items and basically just Stuff-I-Don’t-Want-Valérie-to-Touch.  And of course, she loves to open up the drawers and get everything out.

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