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Photo Monday

I’ve been an achy, coughing, stuffed up mess for the past few days.  I was really hoping to get out to get some pictures but I needed to rest more.  So I tried to find something interesting to photograph at

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A Tree of Sorts

That tree I was talking about painting onto the stinky canvas?  I finished it!  It took two days.  but I think it could have been done in just one day.  Acrylic paint dries fast even though I use an additive

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Photo Monday!

So.  I’ve decided to try blogging twice a week.  I hope to get up to three times per week but I don’t think I can manage that right now.  My Friday posts were getting kind of big and cluttered with

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Remember last week not being quite right?  Yeah, this week sort of turned it around! Lemon 1 into lemonade: Stinky canvas.  It still smells some.  No one but me is bothered and I don’t intend on hanging it up permanently.

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Lemons and Lemonade

Soooo many things not going quite right this week! Lemon 1: I went to get an old canvas from the basement because I want to make another one to use as a backdrop.  I have this image in my mind

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Tantrums and Photos

I’m trying to write this as souricette 2 has a tantrum next to me.  It’s kind of funny.  She only screams when I’m looking.  Little mousy is very angry and she wants me to know it.  Still, the noise makes

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