Photo Monday – Looking for Spring

So.  It’s slowly warming up out there and I decided to go look for Spring.  Winter can be very pretty even if there isn’t any snow but at this point, I was totally sick of  the almost monochromatic muted palette.  But first, a gratuitous shot of souricette 1 from last week’s shoot.


And now, the beginnings of Spring. You have to look a little.  The bulbs are starting to come up and there are teeny tiny flowers.  The maple in our backyard has stuff growing that isn’t leaves.  It’s the very beginning…

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As I was looking around for new things sprouting out from the earth, I came upon this old barbecue in the corner of our yard.  The thing is actually on the house plans.  It’s mostly stone with some metal.  The stone is crumbling a bit, the metal is rusty, and ivy and moss have started taking it over.  I actually like it this way.  It looks like an old ruin.  When we lost power after Sandy, Mr. Mouse tried to light this piece of wood in our fireplace.  I hesitate to call it a log.  It was so oddly shaped.  Anyway, he just succeeded in smoking up the house and he ended up getting it our of the fire and onto the old barbecue’s grill.  It’s still there and now that it’s not smoking up my house, it’s really pretty, all black and glossy…

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And finally, a neighborhood cat came for a visit.  He’s sweet and was coming toward me to get a bit of attention.  I shot him from above and there’s a slight blur from him moving toward me.

55mm, ISO100, Av 5.6, Tv 1/60

55mm, ISO100, Av 5.6, Tv 1/60

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