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The One For Souricette 2

I told you I’d finished the outfit for souricette 2, right?  I just couldn’t take pictures because her face looked like she was 22 months old going on 14. (That would be 14 years, not months.)  Her face is all

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Photo Monday – Summer Fun

It has been a hot and muggy weekend.  Saturday, we filled up a small blow up pool for the girls…

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More for Me?

Actually, I haven’t been sewing for myself but I’ve been thinking about it.  I’m so happy with my skirt that I really want to make myself some more clothes.  I’m still afraid of things not fitting well after all my work.

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Photo Monday – Dance Recital

It was souricette 1’s dance recital yesterday.  They did “Scenes from Cinderella”.  Souricette 1 was a little hardworking Cinderella.  I was desperate to get good pictures but we weren’t allowed to move from our seats in the auditorium.  So no

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And one for Me!

I told you I was on a sewing roll, right?  I was supposed to sew the lining to a skirt for me this week.  I didn’t.  I finished the whole thing last weekend!  And it’s really pretty. It’s this material,

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Toddler Queen of Hearts – a Costume Tutorial

When my big girl decided she wanted to be Alice in Wonderland for Halloween (yay! not a princess!), I knew I wanted the baby to coordinate with her.  I need to coordinate them now, while souricette 2 doesn’t have much

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Photo Monday – Artists at Work

I’ve been meaning to try some of the activities from a great book I bought : The Artful Parent. (While you’re there, check out the blog.  It’s great.)  Somehow, I managed two this week!  One of them was set up

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I seem to have gotten myself in a sewing mood.  I have three – three! – projects in the works.  I’m all excited to be on a roll like this! And I’m going to use a bunch of exclamation point

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Book Review – One-Yard Wonders

I’ve had One-Yard Wonders for quite a while now.  And I’ve made quite a few projects.  My feelings are mixed.  I’ve had annoyances with pretty much every project I’ve made.  But then I keep returning to it… This book says

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Photo Monday – Close Up

I really wanted to get a huge close up of the souicettes’ eyes.  Just one of each.  Or even just one.  But I can’t fill the frame with one eye.  At least not with the lens I was using.  Maybe

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