Photo Monday – American Museum of Natural History

A little while ago, souricette 1 started asking complicated questions.  Where do we come from?  We being everything, humans, plants, animals…  How do you explain the big bang and evolution to a 5 year old?  I don’t think she understood much of what I was saying.  She moved on to ask me about dinosaurs.  That was easier at least.  And she asked to go see them.  So we went.

Okay, so not really a dinosaur (my dinosaur pictures aren’t good) but it’s a fossil.  Even older than a dinosaur!

And a flying turtle!  Fine.  The real one wouldn’t have flown but I’m still calling it a flying turtle.

Watching the explanations with dad.  I need to ask her what she actually understood from it…

Fascinating primitive mammal?  Souricette 2 was just excited about everything.  Everything!

After visiting with the fossils, we went to see some animals.  The zebras received much love but then both girls got tired.  We tried to go see the planets but that hall was closed.  And then Mr. Mouse was getting tired.  That happens the day after an 18 mile run…  So we left.  Someday, we will go see the meteorites and the planets like I want.  Someday.

PS: If you know how to explain the big bang and evolution to 5 year old, don’t be shy.  Tell me!

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