Ready for Kids Clothes Week!

kid's clothes week

I guess the third time’s the charm, right?  I’ve been wanting to take part in Kids Clothes Week since their last Spring edition.  Spring caught me off guard and I had no time to prepare.  I think I was busy with some selfish sewing at the time.  And then Summer was either right in the middle of our vacation or during the time I was frantically racing to get my Tinny flips done…  When I heard about the Fall edition, I had to take part.  So I hurried up and completed my Sunki flips so that I’d have a week to prepare.

And prepare I did.  I want to sew fast and get a maximum of items made during KCW so I’ve selected most of my patterns and cut out most of the fabric.  There’s still some to prewash and cut out but I’m ready to make 6 items already!  I’ve also decided to focus on knits.  I’m still a little leery of them due to some issues I’ve had when sewing with them.  I’ve decided this is the week to conquer my misgivings.  Every single item on my list is  made with knits from my stash.

So what am I making?  Here we go…

1. Two nightgowns for souricette 2.  She only has one but she adores her “nuit e nuit”.  She definitely needs more.  I’m making view A for that Kwik Sew pattern below.  I’ve already made it twice for souricette 1 and it’s a cute simple nightie.

2. Leggings!  Both my girls are skirt/dress lovers.  Sometimes, souricette 1 will wear pants but mostly, she turns her nose up at them.  Both of them will wear leggings though.  Souricette 1 especially appreciates them when her favorite dresses and skirts get too short…  They’re each getting two leggings (so that’s four to make for me).  I’ll be using two different patterns, each girl getting one of each. I’m using the Sunki legging pattern but without the ruching because I’ve already made it twice.

Then, I’m using the legging pattern from my Modkids sewing book.  I’ve had this book for so long and haven’t even used it yet!  I’m lengthening the leggings because the pattern is cropped and I want these to be full length.  I can’t find a good picture but the leggings are pictured on the front of the book.

3. A bubble tank top for each girl from that same Modkid book.  Because they’re so cute that I couldn’t resist.  I know they’re more of a Summer garment but I figure they can just wear a long sleeve T-shirt underneath. I can’t find an official picture of the tank top but here are two examples of it.

4. Empire waist top for souricette 1.   I really like Jalie patterns.  They come in a huge range of sizes and are printed on quality paper.  Confession time: I actually want to make one of these for myself and this will  be my practice run.

5. This one is just in case I sew way faster than I thought I did.  I was cutting out my fabric for the above patterns and ended up with all these big scraps of interlock.  Too small for a full garment but I could combine them to make a fun skirt…  And there’s a cute one in the Modkid book.  It’s the one in the Winter picture here.

So… Bring on KCW!

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