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Fast Sewing

My knitting machine is still in tantrum mode.  Between the machine and the kids, I’m not sure who is exercising my patience the most right now… One thing I remember from when I was machine knitting more regularly is that

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Photo Monday – My New Lens!

For my birthday, Mr. Mouse got together with my family and got me a new lens I’d been wanting.  It’s different for me because it has no zoom.  I have to move, can you imagine that?  It’s a 50mm lens and

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Knitting Machines are Like Toddlers

They throw tantrums.  One day, everything is going great.  Anything you try works.  You make a mistake and they don’t care.  You think you’ve mastered this thing. And then the next day, it all falls apart.  No matter what you

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Fleece to Scarf

You guys!  I’m excited! I spun fleece into yarn this Summer and then agonized over a pattern for it. I settled for the One Row Handspun Scarf by the lovely Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Seriously, she’s lovely.  I’ve only met her once or

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Photo Monday – Ducks

Once every Fall, we go see the ducks.  Back when we lived in Montreal, we’d go to Lafontaine park.  Now, we go to The Brook.  It’s just a neighborhood near ours but they have – can you guess? – a

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Fall Decorating

Souricette 1 keeps asking me to do projects.  She has permanent access to markers, pencils, paper, stickers, tape, scissors…  But she wants to do projects.  She has a really busy life and so do I but she wants to do

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I Do It Dress

Anyone who has a toddler knows how they want to do everything themselves.  And souricette 2 is no exception.  She wants to dress herself, thank you very much.  And she does a decent job but sometimes, her dress is on

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Photo Monday – Fall Leaf Fun!

I said this to someone last week.  If you miss out on playing in the leaves one single year, your life is completely and totally ruined.  Fine.  I may have exaggerated just a little.  Still, everyone and their dog in

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Brooklyn Bridge

I was saving these for Photo Monday but Reasons. 1. I haven’t finished the dress I created yet. 2. Current mommy and girls crafting projects aren’t finished. 3. Progress on any of my projects cannot be photographed due to crappy

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Photo Monday – NYC Marathon

No, not me.  I’ll walk forever but I don’t run.  Nope.  Mr. Mouse ran it.  I went with him as far as I could (Staten Island ferry) and then caught him three times before he finished.  I am very very

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