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Photo Monday – The Professional

Being on vacation means I have no pictures of mine to show.  I have something better! I cannot say enough good things about Cristina Coco.  I found her after an intensive internet search when I was pregnant with souricette 2.

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The Elf Hat

I’ve been wanting to show off this hat forever.  It’s my best design to date.  I created it before I even got pregnant with souricette 2.  I worked really hard on it, made 3 sizes and 4 designs.  And then

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Photo Monday – The Birthday

Souricette 1 turned 6 years old yesterday.  We had a big surprise in store for her and I had planned on taking pictures.  It turns out that American Girl Place is very busy on Sundays.  I never took any pictures

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Selfish Sewing Success

I think this one may be my favorite selfish sewing item yet.  I really really really like it.  A lot.  Did I mention I like it? The pattern is Jalie 2793.  Remember I made the same one for souricette 1

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Photo Monday – Snow!

We got a beautiful snow fall on Saturday.  That turned into rain during the night.  We went out anyway.  After all, it’s supposed to warm up this week and the snow will be gone by next weekend.  It wasn’t awful.

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My thoughts.  They are not organized.  Is that what having kids does to you?  I’ve started this post what, 3 times?  More?  I can’t even count anymore.  I feel like I haven’t made anything in months.  My apron is the

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Photo Monday – Christmas Tree

It seems we jumped into Christmas decorating tree first.  I’ve been wanting the outside lights up for a couple weeks and they still aren’t up.  But we have a tree!  And some broken ornaments thanks to souricette 2… Enjoy our

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Apologies for crappy pictures.  I had a very dark, foggy day for them so they all came out, well, eh.  But! I finally figured out why my knitting machine was throwing tantrums!  It was my fault after all.  I was

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Photo Monday – Cookies with Daddy

Mr. Mouse decided to bake cookies.  He asked souricette 1 for her help but he made the dough when she was in bed.  So all she could do to help was, ummm, watch?  Nah, she helped roll out and press

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