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Running Late

I’ve mentioned that I’m following along with the Wardrobe Architect series and participating in the Albion sew along, both over at Colette, right?  I thought so. Well, the sew along has started and I’m already behind!  I haven’t had the

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Project Run & Play: Repurposing

I have a bag full of old clothes and sheets in my studio (yeah, that’s what I call my sewing/knitting/computer room).  It’s so full it’s practically bursting.  I started saving them somewhere around the time I got a Pinterest account.

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Cables It Is Then

I started this post before lunch on Thursday.  Souricette 2 was home sick.  I‘m under the weather too.  Exactly when I have tons of work to do for my design for the last week of PRP.  My signature style.  I

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Wardrobe Architect

Has anyone else been following the Wardrobe Architect series over at Colette?  Like the introduction post says, it’s all about “crafting a small wardrobe that reflects who you are”. I’ve decided to join in because it really fits into the

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Project Run & Play : Let’s Go to the Movies

So… movies.  This is the kind of theme that sounds great but always has me stumped.  There are so many great movies with awesome fashion in them.  And of course, that means that I could not think of a single

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The Other Knitting

I just realized that I share a lot of sewing and machine knitting but I tend to keep quiet about my hand knitting.  That may have to do with Ravelry (the most awesome knitting/crochet website ever!)  I have knitting friends there

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Chickadee Blouse Flip

Like I said yesterday, my Chickadee blouse flip was a piece of my Winter Wonderland outfit.  When the PRP season was announced, I knew that I would have to incorporate this month’s flip into one of my outfits if I

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Project Run & Play: Winter Wonderland

When the themes for this season of PRP were announced, I pounced on Winter Wonderland.  I’ve talked about how I miss real Winters before so this theme really spoke to me. It said it wanted me to make a wool

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In the Meantime

I so wanted to show off my Chickadee blouse flip today but an impromptu playdate on Wednesday deprived me of my model.  It will have to wait. In the meantime, here is a sneak peek of what I’m working on.

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Photo Monday – Winter

I miss Winter.  There, I said it.  That sounds odd to say in January and whenever I say this to other moms at the playground, they look at me like I’m an alien.  But Winter here…  It isn’t Winter.  It’s

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