Two Tops


Two days into Selfish Sewing Week and I have two tops.  They’re both Liesl + co patterns: Cappuccino Tunic and Weekend Getaway Blouse.  And I used only stash fabrics!

I apologize for the pictures.  My photographer had to put the souricettes to bed so it was quite dark by the time he had any time for me.  We ended up doing the shoot in the kitchen.  So not the best lighting!  And my hair is doing its humid days frizziness thing.  Lovely.

First up, the Cappuccino tunic.  I really wanted a print but not something loud so I used some shirting fabric I’ve had forever.  From I think.  It’s on the sheer side so I did french seams wherever I could.  And the contrast is just cotton.  I made a straight size 10 but I think I could have gone up a size.  It fits comfortably but I feel like the gathered piece in the front should be draping more.

And yeah, looking at the picture, I can see some drag lines.  Definitely need a size bigger.

Next came the Weekend Getaway blouse.  The pattern suggested something that would drape well.  My stash yielded some rayon challis in ummm, fuchsia? Magenta? Purple?   I have the hardest time figuring out the names of different colors.  This is pinky purple to me.  I again made a straight size 10 but this time, the fit is perfect.

Just goes to show that, even within the same pattern company, you don’t always need the same size. The rayon challis was a little slippery to work with but it does drape like a dream.  It feels dreamy to wear!  The facings kind of want to pop out of the blouse.  We’ll see if it’s a problem in the long run.

I’m quite happy with both tops!  The Getaway is definitely my favorite of the two I made but I like the Cappuccino pattern better.  I think if I made the Cappucino in a fabric with more drape and a bigger size, I would be completely in love with it.  Oh, I have some pretty flowered navy voile in my stash.  Maybe there’s even enough for the dress…
Next up this week, ummmm, I’m not quite sure.  I was going to make myself some Iris shorts but it’s been so cold, rainy, and/or windy everyday that I’m thinking of making the Juniper pants instead.  We shall see…

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3 comments on “Two Tops
  1. Nice! I wasn’t all that excited about the o+s women’s patterns when they came out but I keep liking people’s versions of the weekend getaway blouse! Maybe I’ll have to try it out! Selfish sewing is such a new and awesome concept lol!


    • I was very afraid that the weekend getaway would be unflattering because it’s basically a box. There are some darts to give shaping in the bust and the pleat at the back but it’s still pretty shapeless. I think the key is to use a fabric that has a lot of drape so that it doesn’t stick out away from the body. I’m liking sewing for myself too!


  2. […] the Cappuccino dress by Liesl and co.  Remember I made the top?  I felt it might be a bit small so I went one size up for the dress.  I used some cotton lawn […]


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