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Wow.  I promised to write this post up over two months ago!  I never realized it had been that long.  To be perfectly honest, it’s a pretty daunting task.  Etsy is huge and there are so many shops!  Added to that is that I haven’t bought fabric from a lot of vendors so I can’t be sure who’s good and who isn’t.

First up, places I’ve seen recommended.

Finch Sewing Studio : They carry some organic cotton fabric among others. Located in USA.

Sew Fine Fabric : They have quite the selection of organic cotton. Located in USA.

Next, I did a search on fair trade fabrics.  Those are harder to find so I had fewer results to wade through!

Cherry Picking Shop : They make their own fabrics with an organic cotton base. Located in Germany.

Guatemalan Fabric : They import fabric made by Mayan artisans in Guatemala. Located in USA.

Well, that was short.  In truth, I found mostly recycled sari silk ribbon when I searched for fair trade.  Since I’m making a fabric shopping list, I really wanted to limit myself to shops that carry yardage.  But the sari silk reminded me of the peace silk I’d talked about before.

Fabric Treasury : This shop carries peace silk, organic cotton, and others.  The shop description mentions ethically made and sourced fabrics.  The shop is located in India.  Sounds interesting!

And now, the organic fabric search…  To be included in this list, a shop had to have organic fabric in its menu.  I also quickly checked to see that there was a decent amount of organic fabric. Note that the country is where the shop is located, not where it ships to.

JAQS Fabrics : USA

The Natural Loom : Australia

Sunnyside Fabrics : USA

Modern Made Fabric : USA

Oh Sew Persnickety : USA

Cedar House Fabrics : USA

 I.O. Goods : USA. They don’t have a whole lot of fabric but the choices are different.  Hemp/tencel and hempÉorganic cotton blends!

Mary McNulty Design : USA

Worthy Goods Textile : USA. Apart from the usual suspects, you’ll find organic sherpa, fleece, and terry.

Vancouver Bamboo : USA and Canada. They specialize in organic fabrics for cloth diapering and clothing so there are some interesting choices like hemp and bamboo.

Gone Green Mama : USA.  This shop primarily sells diapers but they also have some organic cotton knit by the yard that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

Indeed Fabric : USA

Mateaco Green : USA. This isn’t a fabric shop but they do carry hemp and hemp blends.

By Bora : New Zealand. Cute organic cotton jersey prints. Lillestoff brand.

Cloth Keeper Fabrics : USA

Modern Organic Quilter : USA.  Not a big selection but what they have isn’t your usual organic cotton fare.

Cloth & Fiber : USA. They have a few organic cotton solids, in greens, blues, and pinks.

Benoit Designs : USA

Conscious Elegance : USA.  This shop has some interesting fabric for fancy dresses.  A quick look showed some hemp/silk satin and hemp/silk/organic cotton satin.

Bamboo Wonders : USA. Small shop containing a selection of bamboo fabric.

Sweedie Kids : USA. The shop contains mostly bibs but they also have some organic cotton rib knit in solid colors.

Seweco (hopefully, that’s the right name) : USA. A small shop but everything they carry is organic.

Vilenda Craft : Belarus. This shop has a mostly linen with some linen/cotton.  One blend I looked at said it was “ecological” linen and cotton according to the Oeko Tex standard 100.

THISco : USA.  Very little fabric but interesting.  Pineapple fabric? Seriously.  Not printed pineapples.  We’re talking a blend of organic pineapple plant fiber and silk.  If it wasn’t so expensive, I’d buy some out of curiosity!

Avisa Fabrics : USA. These are home decorating fabrics though I’m sure some of them could be used for apparel. I have no clue how they ended up in my organic fabric search but they do carry linen and hemp. (Ah, I did find some organic listings.  That explains it.)

NordicStyle : Lithuania. That’s another one that will require me to hunt for the organic listing… Otherwise, there’s quite a selection of linen fabric.

Stitch Basket Fabrics : USA

I also searched for organic wool fabric but there were no results.

As with the other posts in this series, feel free to comment if there’s a store you feel I missed or one that you feel shouldn’t be on the list.

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  1. I need to bookmark this! Thank you for putting this list together!


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