The Best Pants Ever

Seriously.  They’re my very first pants and they’re awesome.

Ignore the wrinkles.  I took the pictures right after driving souricette 2 to preschool and I was too lazy to do any ironing…

Details, because I know you want them.  The pattern is Juniper by Colette.  The fabric is hampton twill from Hawthorne Threads in the peacock colorway.  I was hoping for more of a teal color and this is definitely green in person.  But it has blue undertones and is the exact shade of green I love so it’s still a score.

I was again smack dab between two sizes.  I looked at the finished measurements and went with the smaller size.  I like my pants to be fitted at the waist and hips.  I knew modifications might happen so I made a muslin.  Too tight at the hips and waist by one measly inch.  Otherwise, the fit in the back was perfection.  So I did the teeniest of simple modifications.  I reduced the seam allowance from 5/8″ to 3/8″ along the waist and hips and graded back out to the 5/8″ seam allowance for the leg.  I also had to reduce the waistband seam allowance to 3/8″.  And voilà! Perfect fit!

And when I say perfect fit, I mean it.  I wear these without a belt (no belt loops) and there is no gaping and no tightness.  I can lie down, get up, sit, jump…  And I never have to readjust them.  Come on, if that isn’t a dreamy fit, what is?

Other details.  I used one of Mr. Mouse’s old shirts for the pockets.  You may recognize it from the PRP refashioning challenge.

And for some reason, I got it into my mind that I wanted all seam allowances finished with bias tape.  I knew it would take forever and that the serger would be so much quicker.  I tried to convince myself not to use bias tape.  But once the idea of beautiful bias tape finishing…  I knew that I would never be fully satisfied if I didn’t do it.  So I did it.  I needed a lot of it!  I ended up making some from that shirt, using some of the flowered one that also showed up on that PRP outfit, and some dark green that I bought at Joann’s.

There are definitely more of these in my future.  I’m thinking of playing with my muslin a little to see if I can trim down the leg a little.  I love a wide leg in the Summer but I’d love something slimmer for Winter.  With piping at the pockets and waistband!


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5 comments on “The Best Pants Ever
  1. Ren says:

    Sewing for myself intimidates me. Sewing pants for myself is downright frightening. I am impressed.

    And these are fabulous! Thanks for linking up to Inspire Us Thursdays!


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  3. Inder says:

    These look great!! I love a breezy wide legged pant, but like many, I’m super intimidated by the idea of sewing pants for myself! I know I just need to give it a try!


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  5. […] straps and top are leftover twill from my Juniper pants. (That reminds me I haven’t worn them in forever. They don’t fit right anymore. Should […]


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