Mabel the First

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I really wanted to do this sewalong.  In fact, I was waiting for it to make my first Mabel.  But then, my fabric wasn’t there on time and I thought it would pass me by.  Well, it turns out this is the quickest skirt ever!  I was done in two days so only one day behind in the end.  In fact, cutting the fabric out might have taken longer than sewing.

It’s so comfortable.  I made a size L.  I’m in between sizes again so I did the larger one as suggested.  Fits just fine with no adjustments needed.  I will have to make another one if I lose any weight but it comes together so fast that it doesn’t really matter.

I took care to match my stripes properly when cutting and sewing the skirt but forgot to do the same on the waistband.  But on the skirt?  Absolutely flawless.  I used striped ponte and it was extremely well behaved.  No curling, easy sewing.  That helps so much with the stripe matching.

I already have the pencil skirt version cut out for my second one.  But first, another pattern test…

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3 comments on “Mabel the First
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