Made for Kids Month Part 2

So how’s Made for Kids Month going?

Well, I haven’t had the discussion with souricette 1 yet.  I must do that next time we sew together (she gets to play with my machine most Saturday mornings).

And I just realized that what I thought would be the first week of vacation is actually the last week of school.  Eh, it’s just half days.  We can get this project done in the afternoon just fine.

Day 5: One of my favorites.  The Hide and Seek dress with the shibori panel.  Last day of preschool.  I got to visit a little and souricette 2 showed me how she works.  I could have watched her all day.

Day 6: Souricette 2 wore a dress that I’m testing so I couldn’t share it.  Got her in her nightgown instead.  I made that during my first KCW.  I’d decided to conquer knits and I’m glad to say that knits and my serger don’t scare me at all anymore.

Day 7: Double!  I can easily get souricette 2 to wear handmades.  I’ve made her a lot of dresses she loves and she has her sister’s hand me downs.  Souricette 1 has a smaller percentage of handmades and she doesn’t listen to me when I suggest something.

Day 8: Souricette 1 wore a skirt I made her during that knit centric KCW but I never got around to taking a picture.  You’ll just have to trust me then…

Day 9: Souricette 2 with a hand me down skirt that is seriously too short now…

Day 10: An almost never worn outfit.  Souricette 2 hates pants (souricette 1 had the same aversion at that age) so she never wears this.  Except when I get angry.  “Hurry up and pick a dress or you’re wearing pants!” That morning.  I told her to get dressed and sent her sister to help her.  I got to the room and she was smearing vaseline all over her bed while poor big sister was trying to clean it up with wipes.  Pants.

Day 11: It was fancy dress day at souricette 1’s school so both girls wanted their not handmade Christmas dresses.  But on average, I’ve still got one of them in handmade once a day so…  Still on track?

Last of all, a confession.  I had been planning on sewing for the girls this month after having sewn for myself in May.  Because you know, they need absolutely nothing…  But I haven’t.  Instead, I’ve made myself a dress and a skirt.  I have a second skirt cut out and am working on pattern test for a woman’s skirt.  And then, I have plans for another Moneta dress.  If I can get one child’s dress done, I’ll be lucky…

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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