Knitcation Contest!

Have you heard about the contest at Colette?  I wasn’t sure I’d have enough time to make enough Mabels and Monetas to participate so I never mentioned it.  But there it was, in the back of my mind.  And because it was there, I had to try.  I made the two Mabels and then one Moneta (that I hope to blog this week if I can get halfway decent pictures).  And then I spent hours putting my entry together…

So what is this contest, you ask?  Imagine a 7 day trip.  Anywhere you want.  What are you going to pack?  On each day, what are you going to wear?  For each of the 7 days, you have to create an outfit.  The only constraint is that each outfit must contain a Mabel skirt or a Moneta dress.  Show off your outfits, fill out the form, and you’re entered!

Now, for my entry.  I chose to travel to Normandy.  We actually went there almost two years ago and it was just lovely.  There is just so much to see and appreciate there.  The sea, the beaches, the rolling hills…  The history!  So very much has happened there.  The architecture.  The food!  Who could forget the food?  Souricette 1 had mussels every chance she got.  And of course, camembert and cider…  You know, I loved our relaxed vacation in a rented house in Cape Cod last year.  I would like to do that same thing in Normandy.  Rent a small house or apartment, go to the market, relax…

It may be a little stereotypical but I chose a lot of stripes and nautical blue and white.  They’re also colors and prints I wear a lot so it isn’t like I’m wearing a costume.  Another thing is that the French are a little (a lot) dressier than Americans during their down time.  No big white sneakers for them.  When I travel, I like to fit in more than stand out as a tourist so I knew anything ultra casual was out.  But again, that’s more me too.  If I’m going to be seen in public, you can bet that I put in a little bit of effort.

Without further ado, here’s my collection (link to Polyvore right there).


Now I need to go plan what I’m bringing on our real trip this year…


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