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KCW Wrap Up

  The hardest part of KCW for me is getting the pictures.  Witness. She loves her new outfit, I swear!  She just wasn’t feeling cooperative for a photoshoot and I needed to get pictures before it got irreparably stained… The

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Photo Monday – Big Sur and Sonoma

And also Mission Carmel but the title would have been too long…  Again narrowed down to 12 because really, how many pictures of crashing waves do you really want to see?  Or green grapes?  That’s what I thought… We took

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KCW MidPoint

The plan was to post this yesterday.  The plan was to have two outfits finished and ready to photograph by Wednesday afternoon and taking the girls to the park for pictures.  The plan did not involve souricette 2 getting sick.  She

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Princesses Play Croquet – Pattern Flip

I almost went out to buy a croquet set for this photoshoot but settled on a tea party instead… I can’t help it.  When FrancesSuzanne announced the Summer flips, I had to do the Oliver + S one.  This time,

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Photo Monday – Yosemite

When I started doing research for our trip to California (about two weeks before said trip!), I found out that Yosemite wasn’t far from San Francisco.  Mr. Mouse wasn’t sure at first but I insisted.  So we went.  Driving up

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Here We Go Again!

Kids Clothes Week starts Monday.  Theme: kid art.  Who’s signed up?  Who has a plan?  I sure don’t! Okay, I lied.  I have the start of a plan.  I have this fabric to work with. The girls “made” it.  Souricette

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Summer Maxi

May and June didn’t see me sew much for souricette 1.  She noticed.  She also noticed me testing a pattern for a women’s maxi skirt. Souricette 1 loves maxi skirts and dresses.  I think it appeals to the princess in

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