Loving Right Now

One piece of my signature style outfit for Project Run & Play is kicking my butt.  Add to that two days off from school for the girls and really, I shouldn’t be posting.  I should be working.

But I felt like talking.  Sharing what’s making me happy right now.  You know, I should do more of that.

1. This fabric.

I’m writing this post right after taking the picture.  I designed it for that Signature Style outfit.  Tuesday, I tried to knit it up on the machine and nothing worked.  Wednesday morning, I cranked it out.  512 rows of the pattern.  512.  That number makes the geek in me happy.  All that’s left to do with it now is stick it in the washing machine.  Hot wash, cold rinse!  The pink will felt but the brown won’t so the circles and hearts will go a little puffy!

2. Goldie Blox.  We got the spinning machine set for souricette 1 for Christmas.

She promptly lost an axle so we never managed to build it.  Fast forward to the girls’ two week stay in Canada.  I cleaned out the bedrooms and found… an axle! We finally used it and she loved it.  The story that comes with it isn’t appealing to me but souricette loved it.  She loved being able to read it and build the spinning machine.  She made other machines from the YouTube videos and then, the part that makes me happy.  She started creating her own machines, experimenting with her set.  And her face as she was doing it!  The pride!  The joy!  Then she told me how her set didn’t have some of the pieces she needs for her contraptions to work properly.  So I ordered some extra pieces and the dunk tank set.  (That set has the most of the piece she needs. And it’s cool.)  You know, I love doing arts and crafts so that’s what I’ve been doing with the girls.  I really need to add some STEM fun too.  The girls really enjoy it.  Shouldn’t surprise me given the parents they have (mommy has a math degree, daddy has an engineering degree).

3. Reading Redefining Girly.  

I can’t say I’m learning much of anything new in the sense that I already knew about how damaging the binary gender thing is for our children.  (i.e. Pink and glitter and unicorns are just for girls, not boys.  Girls aren’t good at math, etc.)  But I like the practical advice.  We have to work on controlling the media in our house a little better and we need to start having conversations about these issues with the girls.  Things we’re already doing well?  Our toy chest is good (varied pretend play, puzzles, building toys, art supplies, realistic dolls…) and Mr. Mouse is an active participant in the house (he cooks on weekends, puts the girls to bed, gives them their bath, etc.)

4. Okay, maybe not something that makes me happy, just something so pretty I want to snap it all up.  Origami Oasis.  Come on!  How adorable is it? Look!





And there’s the zebra print, the giraffe print, a really cool geometric spot print in different colorways…  If I didn’t already have more than enough fabric and less than enough time to use it all, I would be holding all of these in my hot little hands.

5. And 5 because 5 is a better number, those three.  Though I guess they’re in the loving all the time category.


Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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5 comments on “Loving Right Now
  1. Rachel says:

    I have heard good things about the Goldie Blox and they keep coming out with new things.


    • I had read some less than stellar reviews after purchasing the first set which made me hesitant to buy more despite loving the concept. The website has a video where they talk about one of the issues they addressed and that put me more at ease. Besides, just seeing how both my daughters enjoy the set, I can’t help getting more!


  2. Gorgeous colour combo on your knitted fabric, looking forward to seeing how it turns out:)


    • Thank you! I felted it and it looks good. And then I cut into it and was so scared! I’ve almost finished the sweater-jacket thing it’s going to be. I hope my daughter will wear it! I chose the pink because it’s her favorite…


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