Way back in…  May?  No, June.  I tested a maxi skirt pattern by Lauren of Selvage Designs.  Syrah.  Such a great name, isn’t it?  It just screams lazy Summer afternoon…

Anyway, it was a great design.  The skirt itself has an A line shape with options for a subtle high low hem or knee length.  You could cut the skirt pieces on the fold or not and have a seam down the center.  I liked how that center seam called back to Lauren’s other design, the Foxglove.  The best part was the waistband.  It was shaped so the sides were higher.  Then you added some ruching to gather it down.  Swimsuit lining in the waistband helped to make it more stable and strong and swimsuit lining in the skirt meant that you could choose light colors without worrying about flashing your underwear.  I made up my tester’s version in a striped fabric.  I’ll show you that one next week with some comments about using stripes for this skirt.

That was way back in June.  Lauren realized that something was off with the waistband.  After a lot of thought and tweaking, she made a new curved waistband pattern and I made up a new skirt to test it.  I liked the old version but I loved the new one!

And hello pretty rayon-lycra jersey from Mood!  I bought it specifically for this pattern test and I am completely in love with it.  Of course, now it’s getting cold so I can’t wear it as much as I’d like (everyday).  It isn’t one of the recommended fabrics but I’m wondering if Syraz would work in a lightweight sweater knit.  I should try…

Syrah will be exclusively available through Perfect Pattern Parcel starting on Friday. I have no clue whether it will be available on Lauren’s site afterwards…

PS: Sorry for the slightly blurry pictures.  I think Mr. Mouse had some issues with the camera or something.  Or maybe he set the depth of field too shallow and didn’t focus in the right spot? I have no idea.

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5 comments on “Syrah
  1. Charity says:

    I was one of the second batch of pattern testers, so I’ve made the Syrah skirt 4 times! Mine are all solid neutrals though, no pretty fabric like yours. It’s really a great pattern!


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