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Way back in…  May?  No, June.  I tested a maxi skirt pattern by Lauren of Selvage Designs.  Syrah.  Such a great name, isn’t it?  It just screams lazy Summer afternoon… Anyway, it was a great design.  The skirt itself has

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Photo Monday – The New Park

There’s a new park at souricette 1’s school.  The old play structures were falling apart and were taken down during the Summer.  The new ones went up and the park opened at the beginning of last week.  It was the place

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Another Old One

I’ve made myself exactly two things on my knitting machine.  One was for school.  This one I made before I got pregnant with souricette 2.  Yeah, I’m kind of slow with the sharing thing, huh? Before leaving Montreal, I ordered

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Project Run & Play : Signature Style

I always plan my signature style outfit around my machine knit fabric.  Those items require so much time and effort (swatching! machine messing everything up! designing! problem solving! cutting! sewing!) that I tend not to work on them outside of

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10 Years

There was a time before.  Before babies, before marriage, before dating…  I don’t remember it.  Well, I do but you’re in the before now.  I’ve told you my stories from before so many times that you know them all and

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