Haven Acres Again!

When I started the Haven Acres pattern test, this outfit was going to be my fancy one for the tester tour.  It has my beloved Cloud 9 Palos Verde fabric, leftover from this dress.  But then I made the kitty ears to go with the other blouse so that ended up being the tour outfit.  I still wanted to show off my pretty Cloud 9 though so here it is! Besides, the pictures I got are too cute not to share…


You’ll notice the leggings are identical to that first outfit.  That would be because they’re the same ones.  I do love that grey and black combination.


And I did the horse ears on the cap…  This one was the second I made during the test (I made 4 total) so that was before I got rebellious.


Yeah, I know, I don’t have much to say.  I kind of said it all before, huh.  Oh, no!  I did go a tiny bit rogue on the blouse.  My fabric being a voile, it can be a bit see through.  I was afraid that a facing at the keyhole would show through to the right side.  Instead, I staystitched close to the keyhole line, then cut right along the line.  I applied bias tape to enclose the edge before finishing the neckline.


I should have formed that bias tape into a curve first, huh? It wants to flip out a little…


The souricette says she doesn’t like the sleeves.  The thing is, when I made this blouse the first time, there was only one elastic measurement per size.  It was way too tight (the pattern now has two elastic measurements per size; one for the long sleeve and one for the short sleeve) and she hated it.  I removed the elastic and replaced it with a good length for her.  It’s not tight at all anymore, not even snug.  But I think she made up her mind that first time and has now decided that the sleeves are uncomfortable.  She even complained that she didn’t like sleeves when I made her another top!  I just hope she forgets because this top is too cute to not be worn…




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2 comments on “Haven Acres Again!
  1. Charity says:

    That is really cute! I like the bias tape neckline.


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