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I have three new T-shirts and I managed to get them all photographed this week!  All patterns are by Jalie.  I truly don’t get why I don’t read about them more online.  I know I’ve said it before but I’ll repeat it anyway.  These patterns are truly awesome.  They usually have sizes ranging from toddler to women’s plus sizes (I checked one and it went all the way to a 50″ full bust).  They’re beautifully drafted and printed on very sturdy paper.  Instructions are concise but complete.  I can honestly say I’ve never had a bad experience with them.  And I’ve used them a lot!

First up, 2804, Empire Crossover Top.  I made the sleeveless version with the ruching at the shoulders.  I skipped the modesty panel but should have put it in.  Mr. Mouse didn’t think I needed it but I just wasn’t quite comfortable so I’ll be wearing a camisole underneath.


I made a size X, which, in hindsight, was too big.  I went with full bust measurement and should have gone with upper bust.  I ended up taking it in 3/4″ on each side for a total of 3″ around the bust.


The fabric is cotton-lycra jersey from Girl Charlee. I’ve used it twice before and am happy to have finished.  Not that it was a bad fabric.  Kind of lightweight but decent.  I just want to move on to something else, you know?

Second, 2806, Scoopneck Tops. This time, I checked the size I’d made for another Jalie top.  I like the fit on it so I figured I should stick with that.  Size V.  I did the simple gather and the tulip sleeves.


The fabric is from Mood.  A gorgeous white rayon-lycra jersey that has an almost ribbed texture on the right side.  It has lovely drape and weight.  No flimsiness like in the girls’ T-shirts here!


Not much more to say here.  I’d been hanging on to this fabric for months, looking for the perfect T-shirt pattern.  I wanted something simple but with a little more detailing than a plain T-shirt.  This fit the bill and I have enough leftover for another one if I do some color blocking.  I’m thinking of using some lace at the upper chest…

Finally, 3352, Dolman Tops.  Possibly my favorite!  Size V again.  The fabrics are cotton-lycra jersey from Girl Charlee again.  I’d been wanting to use that flower print in a raglan sleeve T with the black sleeves for a while but then, I suddenly wanted this style instead.


I really love it!  It has that same sporty look as the baseball T but with more ease.  Comfortable and casual but not sloppy.  I hate sloppy.  Slight high low hem.


Honestly, I used to hate high low hems but I see how useful they can be. No flashing undies (or worse) when crouching!


I was planning a cowl neck top with my rayon-lycra jersey from Mood (yeah, the flimsy stuff) but now, I’m thinking of another of these dolman tops would be even better.  A short sleeved one…

Speaking of cowl neck tops, Jalie?  Please make one!  And a boatneck too.  Pretty please with a cherry on top?

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7 comments on “Jalie x 3
  1. Jalie are one of the pattern companies I have never tried, but you make a very convincing argument! Nice job on your tops – they all look great 🙂


  2. Charity says:

    I used a Jalie PDF to make shirts for a few relatives in December… and wow, do they include a lot of sizes! =) I think a lot of people just haven’t heard of Jalie patterns.
    I like your shirts! That tulip sleeve is really pretty, and I like the fabric you used for the dolman.


    • Yeah, they don’t show up much when doing a search. They have tons of reviews on Pattern Review though so it may just be about what circles you run in…

      And thank you! I’ve done a few tops with tulip sleeves for the girls and felt it was time for me to have a turn 🙂 And I’ve been waiting for the right pattern for the flower fabric. I knew the girls would like something made with it but I was keeping it to myself until I’d made something with it. Now though, the girls will be getting some flowery leggings!


  3. Joanne says:

    Do you have suggestions for the hem of tee shirts so it lays flat? I love Jalie patterns! I just need to correct my hemming technique.


    • For my hems, I start by serging the edge (making sure not to stretch it ou of shape). Then I fold the hem up and stitch it in place with a twin needle. I get tunneling if the left hand needle is off the edge. If I remember to, I lower the top tension a little. Oh, and I’ve started using wooly/bulky nylon in the bobbin. It really does help!

      However, I find the fabric I choose has the biggest impact on the quality of my hems. I made a couple rayon tees for my daughters and it was a beast to work with. I cringe when I look at the hems! The rayon was so wibbly wobbly that I couldn’t get a good hem. I tried tissue paper underneath to stabilize the rayon but it was very hard to remove. Might be a good solution if you’re using a zigzag stitch though. What I should have done is treat the fabric with starch before sewing it up to make it less flimsy. I’m pretty sure the hems would have been nice then. The fabric on the three tops here was substantial enough to cooperate easily.


  4. […] Jalie 3352.  I’ve made it once before and knew there would be another one in my future.  With short sleeves this time. Still in love […]


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