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Photo Monday – The Last One

By the time you read this, we won’t be in our house anymore but not in our apartment yet either.  (Insert sarcastic yay right here.)  As we were preparing for this new adventure, I hoped I would get to see

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Butterfly Dress

I fell in love with the Moody Blues collection right when I saw it.  But I waited.  I needed to use up some stash first.  You can bet that I started on this as soon as the fabric stash contest

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Photo Monday – Composition Part What?

I took these way back in May when I was obsessed with composition. That same weekend I got another series of shots so I kept these for a day where I wouldn’t have anything to post because of the move.

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Just in Time!

When you’re knitting a linen tank top, you kind of want to finish it in time for Summer.  In time to actually wear it that Summer.  But that linen.  It makes gorgeous fabric, one that actually takes to the washer

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Photo Monday – When Nothing Works

I had all these plans…  I had my timer ready to go to take pictures of my drop spindle while I was spinning.  It didn’t work.  Actually, it did work.  But the images weren’t what I had in mind at all.

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Quiet And Loud

The house is quiet all day.  The girls are staying with their grandparents for a few weeks while Mr. Mouse and I take care of the move.  I can listen to any music I want.  Or no music.  Nothing.  Just

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