More Mending

I made this dress last year.


I loved it but didn’t wear it all that much.  It suffered from “too nice to wear” syndrome.  And then, this Summer, I decided it actually looked just fine with flats and I could wear it whenever I wanted.  So I wore it.  And then I had to bend down to help E with something and I heard a rip…

Oh crap... I'm going to have to find a way to mend my #colettecrepe The thing is that I fully lined it so I can't access the inside without taking it apart. And visible mending won't be charming here. I'm thinking of turning the cap sleeve into a strap an

Ooops.  Not a seam come undone but an actual rip in the fabrics, right at the cap sleeve – underarm.  Not a great spot for visible mending and impossible to mend invisibly unless… I always felt the cap sleeves didn’t fit quite right on me.  Turn it into a tank dress? Nothing to lose right?

I put the dress on the dress form and pinned a new armscye.  Tried it on, looked good.  I sewed right along my line of pins to keep the layers together.  Then, I took a deep breath and cut, leaving about 1/4″ next to my seam.

Working on fixing my #colettecrepe with the rip at the sleeve. I just need to copy to the right side and finish with bias tape. I hope I get it right! #sewcialists

I took another deep breath and repeated the process on the other side.  I tried the dress on at that point and the armhole was gaping a little.  So when I finished the new armhole with bias tape, I pulled it tighter where there was gaping.  I was lazy and just topstitched the tape in place after turning it inside.  Slipstitching might have been neater but since my hem was topstitched, I figured it would match.

And it fits!


Depending on how I stand, it still gapes a bit…


… and you can see some ripples where I pulled the bias tape tighter.


But the rip is gone!  And the dress seems to sit better on me without the cap sleeves.


Now, maybe I can move on to some not mending projects?

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10 comments on “More Mending
  1. OH That happened to me too, one of my favorite dresses in the same area, also a cap sleeve.. I haven’t done anything to fix it (lying- I tried to sew up the rip but it just ripped again :/ ) Now I just give it dirty looks whenever I see it… Maybe I’ll see if I can pull off fixing it with your method, you dress looks great now!


    • Thank you! I think there might be something about more fitted cut on cap sleeves in non stretch fabrics that doesn’t work for chasing kids around. I do know that I have much more freedom of movement now…


  2. Muse says:

    Looks great sleeveless.


  3. Masha says:

    I think the modifications were an improvement! I really love the back of the dress too, and I feel like a tank style suits it better than the cap sleeves. Great job!


  4. Charity says:

    I like it better on you without the sleeves! I hate it when I tear or otherwise ruin something I’ve put a lot of time into making- it’s nice that there was a good fix for this one.


    • And that fabric cost me a lot too! It was a special project and I was going to do everything I could to save it. I kind of got lucky that it was such an easy fix. I have another dress that ripped and that one just got thrown out.

      I like it better as a tank dress too. Of course, this would happen just as Fall starts… Cardigans to the rescue?


  5. You know, I generally avoid sleeveless dresses… but that looks SO much better sleeveless! It turns the dress wearable instead of Fancy.


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