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Happy Holidays!

On her last day of preschool (the 23rd), V was given candy canes.  The small red and white ones (this is important).  On the 24th, she said how she likes candy canes in a Christmas tree but we don’t have

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Not Eight Already!!!

I keep repeating myself but I just love that E was born right on the Winter solstice.  It’s so fitting.  For me at least, the solstice has this quiet joy.  We’re settling in for Winter but we know that days

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Photo Monday – Macro Portraits

Long ago, when a macro lens was still just a dream, I read that a macro lens works very well for portraits.  I was getting sick of doing close ups of stuff around the house so we took outside.  I

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Silky Alma Blouse

I should really learn not to try anything on right away when I’ve just finished it.  I’m almost always a little disappointed right then.  A day later, and I’m quite happy. Ha! Like I would be able to wait. Okay.  Technical

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Photo Monday – Ornaments

We put our Christmas tree up!  I wanted to get up close with the macro lens but it was darkish already.  I couldn’t get good focus on the branches so I’ll try again some other day.  But I did use

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All the Shirts and Blouses

All of them!  I may be developing an obsession.  They’re just what I want to wear right now.  It started with me not having enough fabric for a jacket-coat-thingy that I wanted to make.  But I did have two yards

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Photo Monday – Fiber and Handspun

This time around, I put some spinning fiber and some of the yarn I’ve spun in direct sunlight.  I was able to keep the ISO down at 400 and not get all blurry. Of course, the challenge then is exposing

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