Photo Monday – Fiber and Handspun

This time around, I put some spinning fiber and some of the yarn I’ve spun in direct sunlight.  I was able to keep the ISO down at 400 and not get all blurry. Of course, the challenge then is exposing correctly…




I love how individual fibers show up when you get so close.  Fibers I never noticed before.





And the yarn.  All of a sudden, it isn’t as smooth as it looked.  Fine, it never looked perfectly smooth but it never looked that hairy! Especially that pink and brown alpaca. Up close, there’s so much fuzz that I have a hard time seeing the individual strands of yarn (it’s a two-ply).

PS: There’s one intruder in there, i.e. yarn that was purchased.  Can you find it? And if you want to see the handspun from further back, look here and here.

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4 comments on “Photo Monday – Fiber and Handspun
  1. Charity says:

    How fun! Is the 5th photo the purchased yarn? It looks shinier than the rest.


    • Yes! Amazingly enough, most of my commercial yarns are almost as hairy as my handspuns up close (I took some pictures but they didn’t make it to the blog). This one has some tencel in it which makes it smoother and shinier. Oh! I have some silk roving I should try to spin to see if I’ll get something smooth!


  2. Love this! We’ve been covering macro work in my photography class this week, and I’m itching to photograph some yarn 😁 are you using a prime lens?
    (I vote picture 5 too, it seems too ‘tight’ somehow…)


    • Thank you! Yes, I have a prime lens. 100mm macro lens from Canon. I don’t remember the exact model but it’s the least expensive macro one that can go on a full frame camera. I have a cropped sensor camera but I would love to own a full frame someday and not have to replace all my lenses…

      And like I told Charity, it is indeed #5. I think it’s a combination of a tighter yarn and tencel content in it that make it smooth and shiny.


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