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And here’s the first in progress post of the year.  I did say there would be more…

I’ve been having a beast of a time getting started on anything. since the beginning of the year. Getting started is always a challenge for me.  I get on fine when I’m in the middle of it but starting…  I seem to need to take a deep breath first.  It’s been harder these past two weeks though.  Possibly because all the projects I have in mind are going to require a lot of energy.

It was one of those days where I just couldn’t muster the courage to jump into my first project (a Sewaholic Granville shirt) that I turned to Instagram.  I got the firm kick in the butt that I was asking for, traced, and muslined the pattern. Link because Instagram still refuses to send my pictures to my Flickr account and the embed feature isn’t cooperating. And then, I waited for my fabric from Spoonflower…  Which showed up two days ago.



It’s still wrinkly because I haven’t washed it yet (4th floor to basement, remember?) The yellow one is cotton poplin (for something for V I think) and the grey is cotton lawn (for my shirt). It doesn’t look like much, I know.  I used a blurry macro picture of a flower.  The yellow is the original picture. I tried to make it big enough to fill the width of the fabric. Then I added the mirror option in Spoonflower. That way, I could get continuous yardage rather than panels. The fabric color is a little off compared to the picture.  I swear I can’t see any green in my original picture!


Huh.  Maybe just a teeny tiny bit in the upper right corner. But not to the extent that I see in the fabric. I did order a sample to preview the fabric but I couldn’t choose from which part of the fabric I got it so I didn’t see the green. The details of the picture are less visible too, no?  Which is ultimately okay because my plan was to just have a fabric that has seemingly random color variations.

The grey turned out perfectly though! It’s the same picture but I messed around with the colorize function in Gimp and turned it this pretty purplish grey.  I can’t wait to see how it works out!

And you know what happened while I was waiting for my fabric? Project Run & Play revealed the themes for the next season.  I’m so happy that they’re back to the original format.  I have an ambitious plan, especially for the Cos Play week, and I don’t have the time for fear.  I’m going to be requesting more butt kicking!

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