KCW: Last Three Things

I had these plans where I’d get everything photographed and shared really fast during Kids Clothes Week.  And it sort of worked at first.  I’d let V wear her new dress and catch some quick pictures right away that morning.  It fell apart when I started sewing for E.  So here is the rest of my KCW work days after it’s over.

I had some Liberty tana lawn to use for E too but she doesn’t really wear dresses much anymore.  We settled on a top and I gave her some options.  She chose the Violette Field Threads Lainey top.



The accent is some leftover eyelet cotton I had.  I wasn’t planning on making the bias tape but I didn’t have enough store bought navy.  I’m happy I didn’t have enough though. I like having the little flowers at the top too. The pattern went together well.  There’s a weird pointy bit at the underarm (sorry, no picture).  The pattern comes with a piece for cutting out the underarm on the skirt piece.  One side is super pointy and that’s the bottom of the underarm.  I figure something like that has to be a design feature rather than a drafting error but it makes applying the bias tape a little difficult. Otherwise it’s very cute. A little shorter than I would have liked and a lot more full than the pattern photos lead me to believe.  I think E agrees with me.  She didn’t seem sure about it when she tried it on.  I’ll have to see if she wears it.  I still have quite a bit of the fabric left so I’ll figure out something she might wear more.

And last, a couple totally unnecessary leggings.  Both girls wear them a lot and I really really wanted to try the Wild and Free Lounge Pants pattern.  Actually, I wanted to test that pattern but didn’t have the time.

V got a straight size 4 with bunny faces on her knees.  I used some leftover ponte from UrbanSew. I really love it (and they still had some last I checked). It’s pretty beefy and a little spongy.  I haven’t seen any traces of wear on the tunic I made with it and I can’t wait to see how it performs on leggings. The ears are floppy because I didn’t bother tacking them up as suggested in the pattern. I also skipped the interfacing on them.


E got a size 5 lengthened to a 7. She fit exactly the size 5 waist and both the size 7 height and inseam.  The pattern does have some advice for lengthening a pattern but I’m not quite sure it works well.  The crotch points aren’t lined up.  So if I just lengthened the size 5 using the size 7 length lines, I would get a size 5 rise with an inseam longer than size 7.  But since E matched both height and inseam on the size 7, I wanted her to also have the size 7 crotch depth.  I finagled a bit but I’m not sure I got it quite right.  I wish designers would match the crotch points.  The Dressage Leggings have matching crotch points and it truly helps.  In the future, I may mash up both patterns to make fitting easier.


I used ponte that I bought at Mood a long time ago for E’s kitty leggings.  It was supposed to be a skirt for me but I got burned with some Girl Charlee ponte that pilled really badly and never made it up.  I’m actually glad I didn’t now because E’s leggings are already starting to show signs of wear (she’s worn them 3 times since the pictures).

Hmmm, I wonder if I have enough of the Urban Sew ponte to make her another pair…  I could stitch down the pockets too (the bags keep popping up)…


Oh! One last note! I used some Liberty lawn to make the ears and it is the best. Ears like that can be so fiddly. I turn a corner and the machine starts eating the fabric. Come on, you know what I mean! Well not this one. It did not get eaten and it tolerated being pulled every way like a champ.

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6 comments on “KCW: Last Three Things
  1. Charity says:

    I’ll bet that top is fantastic for twirling. 😉 The leggings are absolutely adorable! I think I like the bunny ears better floppy than they would be tacked up. Are the faced painted?


    • Thank you! Yep, the faces are painted. It’s not my preference but I had no time for embroidery or lots of appliqué and I don’t have one of those cutting machines (Silhouette I think?) So painted with whatever I had on hand that sort of went with the fabric.


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