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Project Run&Play – Halloween

Halloween costumes on PRP this week! I think this is the season of things I have a hard time with…  I alternate between making and buying costumes for the girls.  I don’t want to spend loads of time and money

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Project Run & Play – Autumn Palette

This second PRP challenge was another hard one for me!  I love Autumn colors but they don’t love me so I hardly ever buy them.  I only try to keep a smidge of them on hand for contrast.  But I got

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Project Run and Play – Pokemon Inspired

I confess I wasn’t the most enthusiastic ever when the new season of PRP was announced. I wanted it to be a teeny bit later because I wanted to work on some items for me first.  And Pokemon? So not

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Done-ish Two Ways

I find it so annoying when I’m working on a bunch of things I can’t show! I tried to take pictures of everything. The cat dishcloths I finished a couple weeks ago (you can see the terrible pictures here). The

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Photo Monday – Happy Plants (Through No Fault of our Own)

The girls love flowers so, last Spring, we planted some on our rooftop.  They are now dead because we keep forgetting to water them.  However, a few other plants seem to have thrived in the hot, dry, sunny conditions up

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More Yarn

I had these great big plans of all these things I would make while the girls were away.  My time never turns out quite like I expect.  This partially finished yarn was sitting on the shelf and taunting me.  So

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