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Photo Monday – Prospect Park Again

I had these big plans this weekend.  I was going to try my new lens on buildings and see what I could do with it.  And then M said he didn’t want to go to Manhattan (that’s code for “I

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Photo Monday – Playing With my New Lens

For the third year in a row, I asked for a lens as my birthday-Christmas-from everybody gift.  Last year, I really thought that I would be looking into flashes as this year’s gift.  I changed my mind in Scotland.  When

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Ginger Jeans Take Two

Or the tale of the stretchy-not stretchy-too stretchy denim and the crappy pictures (because E was home sick that day so I didn’t get to take my time like I usually would). It starts with my favorite skinny jeans needing

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Photo Monday – Wilting Flowers

M bought me flowers this week and they were so pretty.  I took me a few days to get a picture though and they were almost all wilted.  I think it’s because we didn’t put them next to a window.

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Photo Monday – From the Rooftop

The other day, I went up to the roof.  Just to check.  When we came back from our weekend in Rhinebeck, M went up for some reason and found people there, lounging on our deck.  Random people we’ve never seen

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Chloe Cat for Halloween

I took the girls to see The Secret Life of Pets last Summer.  E fell in love with Chloe and wanted to be her for Halloween.  She’s a grey cat with a bit of white and she’s massively fat. As

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