Kitty Cat Top

I made this top a full month ago and I only got around to taking pictures this week.  It has kitty cats all over! I don’t usually do this type of novelty print but I couldn’t resist.  It’s an ITY jersey from  I’ve heard so many good things about this type of knit but hesitated because it’s polyester.  At the moment, I like the fabric.  It has great drape, was pretty easy to sew up, and washed well.  Only I don’t remember whether I dried it in the machine or not… We’ll have to see if it’s relatively breathable or if it makes me sweaty when the weather warms up.


The pattern is a repeat of McCall’s 6839. I’d laid out a few pattern options including dresses. I couldn’t make up my mind so when E said to make the top, I listened. I made view A the first time and this view B, with the drape in the back.


Same size. I used fusible knit tape (it’s really just a one inch strip of knit fusible interfacing but I like having it all precut and in a roll) at the neckline and hems to keep everything from stretching out like it did the first time.  It worked well! I’m still getting a little bit of looseness at the front.  I think I might need to go down a size just at shoulder level and then grade out towards the bust.  I think I may need a forward shoulder adjustment too.  It keeps migrating backwards…


The drape is quite low (maybe partly due to the fact that it’s migrating backwards) and yes, that is my bra in the picture.  I have these strap things I can add to any bra to make it a low back.  They’ll work well but I was too lazy to put them on for more pictures once I saw these ones.

I wore that top all day when I took the pictures.  I had my hair down at first but it was annoying me. I don’t usually wear low back tops and feeling air there when the rest of me was all covered felt so weird! Still I plan on making the V back option too.  The sleeveless one.  That’ll give me a chance to try the grading and shoulder adjustment.  And then, I’m hoping to hack it into a basic boatneck top.  All I would need to do is combine the upper back portion of this view with the lower back of any other view.  And boom! Perfect boatneck. I’m sensing I’m going to get my money’s worth from this pattern…


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2 comments on “Kitty Cat Top
  1. Charity says:

    That cat fabric is so fun! I’ve had some black and white ITY sitting on my shelves for quite a while, but it’s not opaque and I don’t enjoy sewing with slippery knits, so I haven’t done anything with it yet!


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