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Photo Monday – Easter Flowers

I got to choose the flowers we bought for Easter. The girls complained of course. M didn’t because I ended up picking the less expensive ones. I liked them! And they’re turning out to be a great value too. One

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Liberty Garden Party

Remember the green top I made for V during PRP? When I looking for a pattern, I happened onto the Oliver + S Garden Party Dress. I’ve always loved that pattern and V loved it as soon as she saw

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Photo Monday – Brooklyn Botanical Garden Again

We went back.  We should just become members… No change on the cherry tree front but it was beautifully sunny and warm. The birds were chirping so loudly but I couldn’t find them. Except for this guy. (I know the

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Sewing Dare #1

Almost a year ago, Crafting a Rainbow started a new Sewing Dares challenge. I signed up because, duh. Doesn’t it sound like so much fun? I ended up with 3 dares: make something for myself with fabric I’d painted, sew myself

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Photo Monday – Brooklyn Botanical Garden

The cherry blossoms are just starting to come out and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden website has this handy dandy chart showing how the trees are doing. The ones are Cherry Esplanade aren’t blooming yet but some of the ones in

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Photo Monday – When the Sun Shines

You either go outside or hurry up and take those pictures that require tons of light. These tulips were actually taken right after the pictures for the greenery outfit. I love taking close ups of flowers but not having a specialty

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