Photo Monday – Market Day

We’re pretty lucky around here, with three farmers’ markets within walking distance. A very small one on Wednesdays and two bigger ones on Saturdays and Sundays. Not as lucky as I was in Montreal of course but if I can’t have Jean-Talon, I’ll gladly take these.

These pictures are from the Saturday market at Grand Army Plaza.


This time of year means lots of flowers, all in tightly packed colorful groups.



The girls chose some to put in the planters on our roof. These ones should do well with minimal care. There are actually a couple that just started growing on the roof. Like, not in a pot on the roof, on the roof.


I also love the way the merchants display their vegetables. Stripes of differently colored asparagus,


stacked beets,


a handful of ramps,


beautiful rainbow swiss chards…


I could spend a fortune on these gorgeous veggies!

By the way, anybody have a good ramps recipe? We bought some because I thought they were pretty and intriguing and I want to do them justice… I did find a recipe for an asparagus and ramps soup but, uh, we already ate all the asparagus…

PS: If you ever find yourself in Montreal, go to the market. Seriously. If you like eating good food even just a little bit, it’s worth it.

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2 comments on “Photo Monday – Market Day
  1. Charity says:

    Oh, how pretty! And how lucky you are! The closest farmer’s market is about a 30 minute drive from me, and only for a couple of hours on Saturday. I’d never heard of ramps before, or seen it, but it does look interesting!


    • I think I’m going to just roast the ramps. I’ve read that they’re like a cross between onions and garlic. We’ll see! They should go well with what we get at the market today.


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