Photo Monday – The Old Backyard

Or what I really wanted to name this post: *&%$@*# mosquitoes!

So, umm, yeah. M ran the half marathon in Ottawa on May 28. My sister and father ran it too and I herded the kids as best I could (and that was actually pretty good because we saw each runner once, I found a playground, and my not quite 3 year old nephew had no accidents).



The day before, I went to the backyard all the way down into the wooded area and the stream. I loved it there as a child. I felt like there were stories waiting there and so much exploration! I never followed the stream as far as I wanted. I was afraid of getting completely lost. That, and I was technically trespassing.



I’d just heard the day before that Lyme disease has been found in the Ottawa region and I know there are deer in the woods so a pretty good possibility of deer ticks. I borrowed some socks from my sister, wore skinny jeans, and closed shoes. And a long sleeved cardigan. I debated using bug spray and didn’t because that stuff is vile. Not bright. I had to know this. I’d noticed the incredible number of mosquitoes in the sunlight, half a dozen coming indoors each time you open the door. I had to know that the woods and the stream would be horrific. I grew up there, I had to know! And yet, I thought my jeans and my thin cardigan would be enough. Living in the city must have addled my mosquito instincts.


They buzzed in my ears, around my head. They tried to get me through my jeans (the couldn’t). I found a spot of blood where I squooshed one against my blouse (it came out in the wash). And they tried to get me through my cardigan. I felt them and smacked them. Unbelievably, I escaped unscathed.


But not my pictures. As long as I kept moving, I did okay. Taking pictures requires standing still, crouching down to get the best angle. After a minute or two, I would become a target. Maybe I’m just not sufficiently dedicated to the art of photography to suffer through mosquito harassment. I chose to move even though I hadn’t gotten exactly what I wanted.


I’ll freeze for a good picture. I’ll be rained on, snowed on, I’ll stand in sweltering heat. Whatever the weather throws at me, I will take. But not mosquitoes.


Oh, and no ticks.

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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2 comments on “Photo Monday – The Old Backyard
  1. Charity says:

    Ooh, I hate mosquitoes! But they adore me. =/ I think these photos are lovely though. I love the close-up of the water and the trillium!


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