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If I Can’t Sew…

I may as well spin, right? I actually still have two sewn items to share but they haven’t been photographed yet. Each time I think about doing the whole modeling thing, I shake my head and do something else.  Taking

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Photo Monday – Provence Part 4

Prepare for a blitz! I only had three days of pictures left and no good way to split them up. Only there’s a lot of them. I tried to narrow them down as much as possible so it wouldn’t get

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Worth the Pain

Two years ago, I knit a tank top out of linen. It was a painful experience. I won’t go over it again. But that tank top! I’ve tried a silk-wool tank top before and it got frogged. Itchy against my

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Photo Monday – Provence Part 3

We had a few slower days during our trip. One spot I wanted to visit was the Forêt des cèdres. It isn’t a must see but being in a wooded area on a hot day is lovely. We walked one

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Where’d my Baby Go?

V is six years old today, about to start first grade. I look at her when she’s sleeping and she’s still my baby. She looks so small, curled up in bed. I just want to cuddle her and kiss her.

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Bunny Skirt

I tend to keep my precious fabrics uncut for way too long. Almost everyone does that, right? Everyone is afraid of messing up that special fabric. I’ve been trying to get over that fear and use my favorite fabrics. I

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