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Photo Monday – Brooklyn Botanical Garden

The girls had a couple days off from school last week. We couldn’t stay in because of the renovations so I had to find some sort of activity for them. On Friday, I suggested the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and they

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Photo Monday – Neighborhood

We were away from Park Slope this Summer and it’s been a pleasure to come back. The girls are back in school and loving their new teachers. We still don’t have a kitchen and my sewing is still packed up.

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Finished Handspun

I think this was my fastest spinning ever. I guess that’s what happens when you can’t sew, right? I only took a break to weave in the millions of ends on a knitting project. I know I had the whole

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Photo Monday – Little Runners

Yesterday, the girls had their first races. One mile down 5th Avenue. I had my camera out like a good mom and I tried very hard to get good pictures. It isn’t easy! I needed fast shutter speeds but enough

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Photo Monday – Carl Schurz Park

The good thing about cloudy days is that I don’t feel bad for not catching the sunrise on my camera. The girls and I went to the western side of Manhattan a lot this Summer, walking along the Hudson. I’ve

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