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Not Double Digits Already!

Today, I have a 10 year old. It feels surreal. She’s the same as yesterday, just with a little extra zip in her step because it’s her birthday. But she’s 10. Starting middle school next year and giving me attitude

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Photo Monday – After the Snow

After not getting out for pictures of the freshly fallen snow last week, it’s like nature gave me second chance. It snowed a bit on Friday and I went to Prospect Park Saturday morning. Should have gone earlier in the

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Christmas Dresses

These dresses took me so much time! I think it’s because of the renovations. During PRP, I was super productive despite the work but afterwards, I just didn’t have the drive to work fast. The lack of decent space to

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Photo Monday – Before the Snow

I was all set to talk about how we’d had a couple windy days and almost all the leaves have fallen. And I would have talked about how there are fewer evergreen trees here than in Montreal. V would say

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Photo Monday – In the Kitchen

The girls and M had a race Saturday morning. We were running late so I left my camera behind. Little did I know that Saturday would be the only lovely day. So yesterday, when I was bummed about the clouds,

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