In my family, we don’t try to figure out what someone might like for Christmas or their birthday. We just straight up ask for wish lists. So I asked my sister what she wanted. She said she wanted me to knit her fingerless gloves or mitts. She also aked for wine glasses because she knows how much time knitting can take. But fingerless mitts are pretty fast to make. How could I say no? (Also, it was the perfect excuse for some yarn shopping…)

I went to my local yarn store. I actually have one now! It opened up less than a year ago and it has a lovely selection and friendly owners/employees. Here it is: String Thing Studio. A lady came up to me and asked me what I was looking for. I told her. She asked me what pattern I was using and I said I’d figure that out once I had the yarn. It just had to be pink. It’s my sister’s favorite color so… And the perfect pink was in Manos del Uruguay Alegria yarn. A light, subdued pink. Kettle dyed so that it had subtle variations in the color. So soft, yet hopefully sturdy (it has nylon and is technically machine washable though I would stick to hand washing anyway). And, of course, it had to be fingering weight. I couldn’t fall in love with a bulky or worsted weight yarn, no. Sigh. At least it is wasn’t laceweight?


I had to pick a pattern next. I searched Ravelry and ended up debating between two patterns. One had a really cool construction in garter and stockinette and the other had a pretty lace detail. I couldn’t decide. In the end, I asked E what she though and she liked the garter and stockinette one. Kaerlig by Ysolda Teague. It’s available as a single pattern or in her Knitworthy 2 ebook. (I got the ebook because I loved most of the patterns. And they’re relatively quick knits so it’s entirely possible I’ll knit a few of them.)


Back to Kaerlig. I adored that pattern. The construction is so fun. It starts with the cuff in the round and then switches directions for the garter stitch part. It just all works so beautifully. No seams. And the simple stitch patterns really let the yarn shine. Like all the Ysolda Teague patterns I’ve knit up, it’s gorgeous and clever pattern. And the pairing with my yarn was perfection. I can’t express how much I enjoyed this knit even though I was knitting on a deadline. There may be more of these in my future. It actually comes in kid sizes too…


I hid the mitts in a wine glass for my sister. And she loved everything I loved about the yarn, the pattern, and the combination of the two. (Thank you to E for choosing the pattern!)

PS: My sister modeled the mitts for me. My hands don’t look nearly as good.

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3 comments on “Knitworthy
  1. Charity says:

    Oh, these are so cool! I love how the ribbing and garter stitch connect on the palm. And I love the color variation of the yarn!


  2. […] used the leftover pink (and I still have some!) from last year’s fingerless mitts. I needed a contrast. I had this dark grey yarn that would have worked and that was the original […]


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