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Photo Monday – Blurred

Sometimes, it takes everything I’ve got to go out and take pictures. I just have no inspiration so I have to give myself a kick and just go. This time, I had to take V to a birthday party in

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Photo Monday – Surviving Plants

We just had such a busy weekend! Spring finally showed up and it was lovely outside. I hear. I ended up inside all day Saturday. The girls are changing bedrooms and M wanted to get their new bed in place.

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Roaring 20s Dress

Got a message from E’s school a few weeks back. This morning, all of 5th grade has a 20s themed dance party. They’ve been playing stock exchange for social studies and I suspect the crash is going to happen today,

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Photo Monday – Warm and Sunny

It finally got sunny and warm Friday and Saturday. (I’ll skip over the part where it got windy, grey, and cold again on Sunday.) We’ve been starved for warm sunlight these past months so we went to Prospect Park. Seems

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Photo Monday – Cat Hates Camera

My cat was lying there in a sunbeam, comfy and warm. She isn’t usually around much on weekends. She hides in the girls’ bedroom, right behind the bed. She isn’t accessible there so the kids can’t bother her. They wouldn’t

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Catching Up

Way back in February, I knit some Winter stuff for the girls. I never got around to taking modeled pictures because we had a lice issue and I didn’t want the bugs on brand new hats. The yarn had had

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Photo Monday – Is It Spring Yet?

We had a lovely weekend, warmer than it’s been and we did manage to see some sunlight. Of course, there’s snow falling this morning…  I forced my kids to go out for walks both days because I wanted the exercise

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