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Photo Monday – Winter Walk

These are the “not water and ice” pictures from my Christmas day walk. The images I didn’t know I would find. Winter can seem like such a dead season. The stream goes quiet. No flowers, no leaves. Only the evergreens

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For the Knitworthy

I gave my sister a combo birthday-housewarming-Christmas gift this year but I still wanted to give her something to unwrap at Christmas. So I got her champagne gummy bears! Seriously, I did. But I also knit her a little something.

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Photo Monday – Water and Ice

It’s getting to be routine. Every year, when we go home for Christmas, I head down the stream to see what it looks like. This year, I went on Christmas day. It was sunny and I was not going to

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2019 Resolutions

I don’t usually write a post about the past year and resolutions for the new one. I just bore myself writing it. This time is different. I find myself needing to share, possibly because M seems sick of hearing me

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