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Photo Monday – Weekend Randomness

E had a viola recital this weekend. Just a small thing in a library basement, 6 students and the teacher who was just the second violin in two duets (everyone else played the violin). E did such a good job!

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Photo Monday – Close Up

The girls and I were M’s support crew for his half marathon yesterday. That is, we were at the 5k marker to collect his beanie and fleece jacket and then we were there at the end to give them back.

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Photo Monday – Moody Flowers

Those moody portraits from two weeks ago made me want to try the dramatic lighting again. I bought a big bouquet Saturday morning to serve as a subject. Yesterday morning was rainy and dark. I was afraid I wouldn’t have

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Photo Monday – Snow Day

I woke up to falling snow on Saturday morning. I thought I’d get up early and go take pictures but things happened and I was only able to leave the apartment around 9:30. I headed straight to Prospect Park with

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