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A Couple Baseball Tees

I went through a short blitz of sewing tops for the girls while they were at camp, hoping to finish up some stashed fabric. (Spoiler alert: I didn’t.) They each got 2. One of them was the T-shirt V is

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Photo Monday – Summer Flowers

The grocery store closest to me has flowers outside. Technically, I don’t think the shop is actually part of the grocery store because we have to pay outside. But the bouquets are all lined up right outside on their wall.

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Photo Monday – At the Seaport

So there’s this art installation at the Seaport in Manhattan and I knew the girls would like it. It’s just not an area we go to a lot though so I wasn’t sure what to match it with and we

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Photo Monday – Beyond the Streets

Now that I’ve finished sharing our travel pictures, I’m back to local photography. I usually take a break from photography while I’m dealing with editing and sharing the travel pictures. The editing is just so tedious, especially when I have

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