Kitty Tops!

Sharing all these tops out of order feels a little weird. I just haven’t pushed the girls to wear them. I just get pictures when they do. Good thing they like to match! The other day, E and V wore matching tops without knowing because E left for school before V got up. When E came home and they saw each other? So much laughing and hugging! Sweetest thing ever.

So. These tops. I’d promised E that second baseball T, remember? But I felt bad about making 3 things for one child and only 2 for the other. So I pulled out this cat fabric to make another top and even it out. But then E showed up and said she really wanted something from that fabric too. Can’t blame her. I love it too, apart from the fact that it’s a polyester ITY and it manages to make me cold and sweaty if that’s possible. So the girls can have it.



I’d already chosen to make a Bobbie V-neck top for V but E already had one. So I decided to go with the Dolman Top for her. Cotton-lycra black knit for the dolman sleeves and binding and for the Bobbie facing.


As ever with Jalie patterns, it was smooth sewing. After that Violette Fields Threads pattern, it’s just so lovely even just looking at the patterns, beautifully drafted, graded, and nested. Such a joy. And actually less expensive if you take into account the incredible size range.


And ummm, that’s all? I love the facing on the Bobbie. The sleeves are quite open so you can see the body through them but the facing is like a cropped tank under there. So nothing is actually visible. Such a smart feature. Makes me want to play with the pattern. As it is, it tapers a bit which makes the top bunch up a little over V’s backside. I’m thinking of making it more A-line. Would be a super cute swing dress!


I know the cats are white but don’t these tops still work pretty well for Halloween?


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