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Being stuck inside on grey, rainy days doesn’t make for the best pictures. Especially when subjects are scarce on the ground. I tried to get pictures of my kids. E was just sitting there listening to music on her phone

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A Little Bit of Spring

The husband has been telling me that I am allowed to go take a walk all by myself. Still, we live in a densely populated area so I try to stay home as much as possible. Yesterday morning though, I

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Spring on the Rooftop

Taking V to school at the end of last week, I noticed some magnolia trees flowering and one tree that was sprouting leaves. I so wanted to go back to take pictures. But I’m trying to limit my outings to

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Stuff I Made

It feels weird sharing stuff as if everything is the same as ever. But it isn’t, is it? Anxiously reading the news. Wondering if our travel plans are going to have to be cancelled (they’re in late June so…) Wondering

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I’ve missed a couple Monday posts these past weeks. I was feeling completely uninspired. Usually, I push through and force myself to take pictures anyway. Sometimes, it breaks me out of my mood and end up feeling energized. But I

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