Spring on the Rooftop

Taking V to school at the end of last week, I noticed some magnolia trees flowering and one tree that was sprouting leaves. I so wanted to go back to take pictures. But I’m trying to limit my outings to when there are fewer people around. So not this weekend. Maybe some early morning this week, right around sunrise. Girls’ schools are closed until April 20 at the earliest so I can step out without worrying about all the morning school prep.

So. I went to the rooftop. I’m so grateful we have that spot. The girls will be able to have daily outside time (weather permitting) while maintaining social distance. Up there, two hyacinths were blooming. I could have sworn we planted 6 though. Do squirrels eat bulbs? Birds? Anyhoo. I had my 100mm macro lens on and I brought the extension tube with me. Wasn’t sure how that thing was going to work out… The Sun was out in full force, rather harsh lighting. But crisp pictures. Maybe I should have tried to use my ring flash to fill in the shadows…

I think this is the only one without an extension tube.


And then, with tube. The tube was surprisingly easy to manage this time. The light probably helped. The petals kinda look candied, don’t they?




After I’d had my fun with the hyacinths, I took a break. It wasn’t super hot out but lying there on the deck, I was protected from the wind. And the sunlight was heating up my black leggings. It was so toasty and nice!

I went to check on the succulent. It’s the only plant we have that survives our lack of care.


Everything else seemed dead. A second look showed me that the clematis is growing again. Most of it died but there are lots of little leaves. But all the herbs are dead. In the rosemary pot, there was some moss growing. The thick squishy kind. (My favorite.)


Now, if the husband could work from home, I would be as content as circumstances permit. I’m going to miss walking around the neighborhood every day…

Creative mommy at home to two wonderful little girls, trying to juggle family, sewing, exercise, family, knitting, photography, and did I mention family?

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