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It was sunny and warmish on the roof last Saturday. So up I went. I’ve been watching the trees outside the window a lot more closely since being stuck inside. The leaves are coming out and I’ve looked at them more closely than I ever have. Might as well capture their evolution… Once on the rooftop though, I started looking further.

I’ve always loved the climbing plants on exterior walls but I’ve never been happy with my pictures taken from the ground. And now, from the rooftop, with the zoom at 300mm, I can get them!


And here, I loved the contrast of that huge mess of trees and plants with the metal fire escape. I tried to get the fire escape to stand out more in the post process so it would look a little cleaner. I would probably have had to do something more involved than messing with contrast.


Oh, this one. There’s this weird metal column-post thing in a neighboring backyard. It’s tall and freestanding and, judging by its state, not in use. I wonder if it once held clotheslines…


Out front, I managed to get a street picture I actually kinda like. I see these around all the time and I even see opportunities for cool street pictures in my own neighborhood. I’ve just never managed to capture what I envisioned. This one comes closer.


Finally, the neighboring house’s roof’s details. I think our house has the same thing but don’t quote me. I tried to see if the neighbors had another decorative detail our house has but I couldn’t see it. I might have to hop onto someone else’s roof to see our own building. (The houses are stuck together so it isn’t dangerous at all. Also why we never leave valuables up there and why we’ve caught people hanging out on our roof!)


Speaking of visiting another roof. I think if I move two or three houses down, I can get the Empire State in this picture. You can just see the side of it here.


I did get also pictures of the trees. And a cardinal. Next week.

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  1. […] and remember when I said you could see just the side of the Empire State building from our roof? I moved just one roof over and got this […]


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