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GoPro in Montauk

The last of the vacation pictures! Definitely didn’t take as many this year… I know I mentioned that red band in the sky right before sunrise. When my camera refused to turn on… (By the way, said camera is acting

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Lili Le Chat

A week ago, we took Lili to the vet and had her euthanized. I made the decision. Only one person was allowed in the office with her. I went. My hand stayed on her cheek until she was gone. This

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Montauk Hiking

I’m not a lying around at the beach all day kind of person. So when we decided to go to Montauk for our vacation, I researched what other activities we could do. The hotel had a map for a “self

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Montauk Early Morning

When we were in Montauk a couple weeks ago, our bedroom faced east. We slept with the windows open and shades up to let in as much of the ocean breeze as possible. Much more comfortable than air conditioning. But

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And Just Like That, She Turns 9

My little V has grown and changed so much this year. I looked back at the past three years’ birthday posts and it was like looking through time. She just shot up during the past year and left the baby

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