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Prospect Park Again

I went for a walk in Prospect Park again. So original, I know. There were a few of sleeping ducks in the water. They have white eyelids so in about 80% of my duck pictures, the ducks have these super

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Getting Through the Backlog

Still trying to get through that stack of projects… Back in, uh, June? I bought some fabric from My Daily Threadz. The fabric is sold in fixed lengths. I got some red rayon with a big flower print for me.

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Hawk and Yarn

Through all my walks around Prospect Park, all those picture taking expeditions, I always wanted to spot a red tailed hawk. I’ve seen them a few times in and around the park. They aren’t rare. But nope, not a single

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Yesterday, I finally had enough energy to not drag myself outside for pictures. I switched things up though and went to Gowanus. I’ve said it before but it’s such an eclectic neighborhood where the industrial, commercial, and residential mix. Trees

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The Almost a Teenager Gets a Sweater

I have a stack of things I’ve made that are waiting to get their picture taken. I have a bunch of pictures that are waiting for me to edit them (the ones with me in them). And finally, I have

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